Solar Green Roof Systems Return on Investment

Solar green roof systems provide an incredible return on investment for property owners. These efficient and aesthetically pleasing roof designs require minimal maintenance, reduce energy costs, and generate energy for the entire building.

Solar green roof systems combine the benefits of biodiverse green spaces and solar panels to provide impactful benefits for property owners.

Monetary Return on Investment

Converting a building to solar energy will reduce overhead expenses related to heating and electricity. Green roofs are effective at shading, insulating, and reducing thermal mass. These characteristics allow solar green roofs to maintain a comfortable temperature range throughout the year without the constant need for an AC or heating system.

Solar panels provide a way for buildings to generate and store solar energy. Creating solar energy protects businesses from rising electricity costs, and when paired with insulating, solar energy can completely replace the need for electricity.

Environmental Return on Investment

Even with the incredible monetary return on investment for property owners, the biggest impact of investing in a green roof is the healthier atmosphere it creates. A solar green roof will remove local carbon dioxide, airborne pollution, and other bacteria to create better air quality for those inside and around the building.

Solar green roofs provide a green oasis in the middle of densely populated cities. A well-designed rooftop green space creates a natural habitat for birds and offers a quiet escape from the stress of city life.

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There has never been a better time to invest in solar energy. The combination of solar energy and biodiversity will be fruitful for years to come. To learn more about the return on investment for solar energy, contact us.

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