Solar Green Roof Systems in Vancouver

Solar green roof systems allow property owners to generate renewable energy, create a diverse rooftop landscape, and reduce electricity and heating costs.

Green Theory Roofing has extensive experience designing, installing, and customizing solar green roofs. To learn more about our process and the benefits of solar roofs, visit our informative subpages outlined below.

Is Solar Right for Me?

Working with a professional solar green roof provider is the best way to answer this question. At Green Theory Roofing, we provide helpful consultation services to prospective clients to figure out if a solar green roof system will benefit their property.

Visit this page to see if solar green roofs are suitable for you.

Solar Return on Investment

Creating renewable energy and combining it with a green roof system can massively reduce electricity and heating costs for property owners. Our tested and proven systems work in any climate and provide positive ROI to investors.

Visit this page to learn more about solar return on investment.

How It Works

Our all-encompassing design and installation process simplifies the challenges of setting up green roofs. We have formulated an efficient five-step installation process that works well in any space. We can also provide customization options.

Learn more about how our solar panel installation works.

Go Solar With Green Theory Roofing

There has never been a better time to invest in a solar green roof. We configure our systems to each unique location to help improve the microclimate, reduce carbon emissions, and minimize wasted resources.

Contact us today to learn more about solar green roofs.

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