Green Roof Maintenance Services

A sustainable green roof provides solar energy, clean air, and a diverse ecosystem to any space. While green roofs are beautiful and beneficial when first installed, they need consistent maintenance to retain their effectiveness.

Green Theory Roofing provides comprehensive green roof maintenance services for any system. We use professional equipment, follow a proven maintenance list, and provide a non-disruptive service.

The Importance of Green Roof Maintenance

Green roofs require seasonal maintenance or small issues to the system and plant health can have drastic impacts on the building. Preventative maintenance is vital for ensuring that wastewater is properly disposed of, weeds are removed, and fertilizer is applied.

Green roof maintenance is recommended during the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons to ensure the system is running optimally. During a maintenance process, the professional team will check for any problems with vegetation or irrigation and apply a solution that is most suitable for your climate and green roof system.

Our Maintenance Policy

At Green Theory Roofing, we offer a preventative maintenance service for green roof systems across BC. Our team is experienced with maintaining small and large systems throughout different parts of the province.

The tasks for maintaining green roofs vary depending on the location, season, and climate. Regular inspections on the four aspects below will ensure the cleanest and most effective green roof system for years to come.

  • Watering
  • Weeding
  • Plant Care
  • Irrigation System

The maintenance process takes an average of 8 hours but may vary depending on the size of the green roof system and the time of year. All our maintenance tasks are thoroughly tested to ensure green roof systems are thriving in the drastically different seasons in BC.

Those who purchase a green roof system with Green Theory Roofing and order our two-year warranty will have their entire maintenance covered for the duration of the warranty. Contact us to learn more about our green roof maintenance service.

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