Is a Solar Roof System Right For Me?

Green roofs with solar panels are an environmentally friendly way to harness the power and benefits of solar energy. The combination of solar panels and a biodiverse green roof provide buildings with renewable energy, thermal insulation, and a sustainable environment for plants, animals, and residents.

Incorporating solar energy is a great idea for both commercial and residential property owners, especially those attempting to be a Net Zero Energy Building.

Absorbing and storing solar energy are key aspects of Net Zero Energy Buildings. A Net Zero Energy Buildings pays zero dollars for electricity and only consumes the solar energy it produces. Net Zero Energy Buildings are highly sought after and provide long-lasting cost-saving benefits.

Who Can Benefit From Solar Green Roofs?

Solar green roofs are suitable for residential and commercial properties of all sizes. All buildings can benefit from incorporating solar energy. The amount of energy generated depends on the location, available solar radiation, the orientation of the solar panels, the temperature of solar models, and much more.

Solar green roofs are also a great choice for those who want to improve the microclimate and reduce carbon emissions. The biodiverse landscape within the green space is the perfect way to offset any carbon emissions and improve the air quality for the whole neighbourhood.

Work With Green Theory Roofing for the Best Results

Working with an experienced team is the best way for homeowners to decide if a solar green roof system is right for them. Achieving the best results will largely depend on the design and installation process.

At Green Theory Roofing, we clearly outline the benefits, costs, and customization options of solar roof systems. We have extensive experience customizing green roofs for properties in the Great Vancouver Region.

Contact us today to learn more about solar green roofs.

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