How Our Design and Installation Process Works

Investing in a solar green roof system provides lasting economic and environmental benefits, but how does the process work? From the design to the installation phase, there are unique challenges that must be handled to ensure sustainability.

At Green Theory Roofing, we provide an all-encompassing service that makes the process as clear and straightforward as possible. We work with leading manufacturers and licensed contractors to professionally install systems across Greater Vancouver.

The Design Process

Designing the green roof system is the first part of our process. Depending on the slope of the roof, the age of the building, and the climate, certain systems may work better than others. Our team outlines all available green roof systems and works closely with clients to find a system that fits their needs.

Solar green roof systems are lightweight and highly customizable. The vegetation, number of solar panels, drainage, and irrigation greatly vary based on unique factors for each property.

The Installation Process

Green Theory Roofing has a tested and proven method for installation. The five-step process is outlined below:

  • The roof membrane is installed and covered with a durable and high-grade drainage layer.
  • Solar panel base plates are laid out across the green roof.
  • The solar panel frames are placed onto base plates and positioned to maximize sunlight absorption.
  • The solar panel base plates are covered with the substrate to meet the required load capacity.
  • Solar panels are installed on top of the frames.

We can also incorporate a wide range of accessories and features to customize solar panels. Our customization options include adjusting the size and angle of solar panels, linking panels with aluminum profiles, and creating height-adjustable frames.

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Incorporating solar energy and green roofing is a fruitful investment. Our team at Green Theory Roofing helps clients understand their options and generate the best return on investment. We install green roof systems that are full of rich biodiversity and are customized to perfection.

To learn more about our customization options or how our green solar roofs work, contact us.

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