What to Know About Living Green Roofs and the City of Vancouver’s Green Building Programs

November 24th, 2022
What to Know About Living Green Roofs and the City of Vancouver’s Green Building Programs

If you have seen a roof with vegetation or grass growing, you have likely seen a living green roof. Living green roofs are a type of rooftop system designed to capture stormwater runoff and provide insulation for buildings, while also helping reduce the urban heat island effect.

Since 2019, The City of Vancouver has been actively promoting and encouraging living green roofs through its Green City programs.

What Are Green Roofs?

Green roofs are roofing systems containing layers of soil and other materials. Green roofs can be either extensive or intensive. Extensive green roofs are the most common type and involve shallow soil depths that do not require much maintenance. Intensive green roofs contain deeper soil depths and may include more diverse vegetation, such as shrubs and trees.

Green roofs serve several critical functions for property owners, including adding insulation to keep buildings cold in the summer and warmer in the winter, leading to reduced energy consumption and costs. Additionally, green roofs also help to capture rainwater, minimizing runoff and preventing flooding.

The environmental benefits of these roofs include improved air quality, reduced stormwater runoff, and supporting urban biodiversity.

Why Are Green Roofs Important in Vancouver?

The City of Vancouver has implemented several initiatives to encourage green building practices, including the Climate Emergency Action Plan and the Rain City Strategy.

In late 2020, the Vancouver City Council created the Climate Emergency Action Plan, which aims to reduce carbon pollution in Vancouver by 50% by 2030. The plan will reduce carbon emissions from the two primary carbon sources, vehicles, and buildings. To achieve this, the government has proposed additional taxes on gas cars and created a goal of transitioning to zero-emissions buildings in all new construction by 2030.

Furthermore, in November 2019, the City of Vancouver introduced the Rain City Strategy, a plan to manage stormwater runoff, reduce flooding, and restore the natural landscape. A critical part of this strategy is the adoption of green roofs on new buildings or renovations. Green roofs help capture and store rainwater, reducing flooding in areas prone to heavy rainfall.

The Future of Green Roofs in Vancouver

In conclusion, green roofs are becoming increasingly popular in Vancouver. Living green roofs provide many benefits for both the environment and building owners. Not only do they provide insulation and energy savings, but they also reduce stormwater runoff, improve air quality, and create habitats for wildlife in urban areas.

With programs such as the Climate Emergency Action Plan and the Rain City Strategy, the demand for green roofs continues to rise, helping to make it a greener and healthier city. If you want to incorporate a green roof into your property, Green Theory Roofing can help. We are Vancouver’s experts in living green roofs and offer everything from design and installation to maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a healthier and greener future.

Green Theory Roofing has helped commercial and residential properties install solar green systems for their needs. We offer a wide selection of green roof systems, including solar green roofs, to all properties in Vancouver.

Green Theory Roofing is a small and specialized provider of live green roofing. We work with established manufacturers such as ZinCo to provide biodiverse rooftop landscapes and solar roofing to Greater Vancouver.

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