What Maintenance Is Required for Vancouver Living Green Roofs?

December 26th, 2022
What Maintenance Is Required for Vancouver Living Green Roofs?

Building a commercial or residential green roof is an excellent way to reduce environmental impact and improve energy efficiency. However, maintenance is crucial to ensure that your living green roof lasts for years.

Most green roofs do not require any challenging maintenance tasks. Regular landscaping tasks, such as watering, weeding, and pest management, should be done all year round.

The more complicated part of green roof management relates to issues with the substrate (soil) and drainage system. You will likely need to add more substrate or adjust the drainage depending on the season.

The exact maintenance tasks for your green roof will depend on the type of plants used, but for some general maintenance tips, follow the guide below.

Regular Watering

How often you must water your green roof system will largely depend on the crops planted. Sedum, for instance, is commonly used in green roofs because it is drought resistant and requires less water.

On the other hand, flowers or vegetables require more moisture and daily watering. It’s also essential to ensure that the soil stays moist, as dry soil can cause root damage.

Weeding and Pest Management

Weeds can quickly take over a green roof, so it is your job to remove them as soon as they appear. During maintenance rounds, check your plants for signs of pests or diseases. If you find any, it is best to consult an expert on how to treat the issue.


Most green roof systems do not require fertilizer, but it’s a good idea to use it if you have planted vegetables or flowers that need additional nutrients. We suggest adding fertilizer at least once a month during peak growing periods.

System Inspections

It’s important to inspect your green roof system regularly for any signs of damage or deterioration. Make sure to check the drainage system and substrate, as well as the water runoff. If you find any issues, it is best to contact an expert immediately to prevent further damage.

How Can I Keep My Green Roof in Optimal Condition?

A living green roof can be a beautiful addition to any home or commercial building, but regular maintenance is vital to ensure that it lasts for years. Make sure to water your plants regularly, remove weeds and pests as soon as they appear, and inspect the roof system for any signs of wear or damage.

The plants, vegetables, and flowers you choose will also affect the maintenance requirements, so make sure to research each type of plant before adding anything to your green roof system.

Remember, a rooftop garden is very similar to any other garden space and will require the same effort to maintain. With regular maintenance and proper care, your green roof will remain healthy and beautiful for many years.

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