What are Intensive Green Roof Systems?

April 28th, 2022
What are Intensive Green Roof Systems?

Whether you're an architect or developer looking for more sustainable design solutions, the importance of adding an intensive green roof system to your next Vancouver project cannot be overlooked.

Intensive green roof systems are becoming more popular in densely populated cities where large swaths of land are not readily available, and high-rises are the norm.

Through the use of soil, trees, shrubs, and smaller plants, intensive green roof systems create a diverse ecosystem within the middle of a bustling city. Those who build an intensive green roof system can expect environmental and cost-saving benefits for years to come.

What are the Benefits of Intensive Green Roof Systems?

Intensive green roofs create a sustainable ecosystem in the middle of the city. As a result, the building produces a smaller carbon footprint and creates livable areas for plants and wildlife.

When it comes to energy management and maintenance, intensive green roof systems can harness solar energy to drastically reduce energy costs. Furthermore, they require less maintenance than traditional roofing designs and are much better at managing Lower Mainland stormwater.

How Do You Set up an Intensive Green Roof System?

The best way to set up an intensive green roof system is to contact a professional developer. An experienced team, such as Green Theory Roofing, can conduct the initial inspection, manage the design, and install the entire green roof system.

By working with our team at Green Theory Roofing, you have access to a wide range of plant, soil, irrigation, drainage, and design options. We leverage our knowledge and connections to help property owners create long-lasting intensive green roof systems.

Green Theory Roofing has helped commercial and residential properties install solar green systems for their needs. We offer a wide selection of green roof systems, including solar green roofs, to all properties in Vancouver.

Green Theory Roofing is a small and specialized provider of live green roofing. We work with established manufacturers such as ZinCo to provide biodiverse rooftop landscapes and solar roofing to Greater Vancouver.

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