About Us - Meet Green Theory Roofing

Green Theory Roofing is a small and specialized provider of live green roofing. We work with established manufacturers such as ZinCo to provide biodiverse rooftop landscapes and solar roofing to Greater Vancouver.

Our team is committed to developing a greener planet. We achieve this through developing biodiverse ecosystems within bustling cities. Our green roof systems help businesses “give back to nature” by reducing carbon emissions, generating renewable energy, and creating a safe landscape for flowers, animals, and residents.

We are passionate about green roofing and solar roofing and are happy to answer any questions prospective clients may have.

The Benefits of Working With Green Theory Roofing

We provide a boutique and professional experience that focuses on customization and high-quality installation. A shortlist of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Better air quality in and around the building
  • Lower electricity and heating costs
  • A natural and biodiverse ecosystem
  • Affordable and customizable solutions
  • Fewer maintenance and inspections required
  • Working with a network of licensed contractors

We are always looking for new commercial and residential partnerships. We bring years of experience and a network of licensed contractors and manufacturers to every project. Our team works closely with clients to formulate a specialized green roof or solar roof for their needs.

Incorporating our green roof systems and solar panels provides long-lasting economic and environmental benefits for properties of any size. Contact us today to learn more about our team and the benefits of green roof systems.

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